Dr. Sahar Ahmadzadeh presented at the (IRAC Institute for Research in Applicable Computing) Research seminar at the University of Bedfordshire on 2 February 2022. This presentation was titled ‘Application of IoT and Big data in food supply chain to reduce waste’.

With regard to the importance of the application of IoT in smart cities, Dr. Sahar Ahmadzadeh explained various aspects of IoT technologies that merge together with the aim of reducing wastage in food supply chains.

Dr. Ahmadzadeh also provided an overview on REAMIT’s current pilot tests with Yumchop Foods and the Human Milk Foundation, both are currently active in the UK. These two companies are utilising IoT technology from REAMIT to achieve the aforementioned goal in reducing the food waste in the supply chain.

How will REAMIT meet the Challenge?

  1. Through the Deployment of IoT sensors to agri-food companies throughout the supply chain.

  2. Collecting the data in the cloud in order to conduct big data analytics to identify sources and patterns of food waste.