REAMIT Team visited the GEPEA laboratory, University of Nantes (UoN), France (IUT La Roche sur Yon) on 7 October 2022. UoN is one of the REAMIT partners involved in developing and using Raman spectroscopy technology to help detect food waste and prevent it. 

In the morning, the team was engaged in touring the GEPEA laboratory and experienced a variety of research, technological and commercial projects being conducted in the lab. In the afternoon, the UoN team introduced the Raman sensor to the attendees via a live demonstration. Also, UoN team explained how this sensor works and how quickly the chemical composition of the food item is analysed in less than a minute. The team has also explained their journey and the challenges they faced in bringing the technology from the lab to practical use. The REAMIT team held further discussions with the UoN team on the importance of the sensor in monitoring the quality of food in food supply chains.  Overall, the team learnt significantly on the use of Raman spectroscopy in detecting food wase and the visit was very successful.