As a part of our continuous efforts to promote and highlight the REAMIT project among the peers from the agri-tech industry and academia, REAMIT was richly promoted at the Munster Technological University’s (MTU) Industry Day event, held on 2 March 2022 at MTU at their Kerry campus in Ireland, by the REAMIT team at MTU. The event had a huge gathering with a large number of participants and audience from the agribusiness sector and academia.

the Industry Day is an event organized by MTU, open to all the businesses, to provide audiences from various industries and research organisations, an opportunity to explore the state of the art equipment, technology themes, case studies, and learn about and explore collaborative research and funding opportunities to support and benefit the businesses.

The event is collaboratively organised and encompasses the activities by various industrial research groups at MTU such as IMaR, AgriTech Ireland , Circular BioEconomy Clusters, ACE and Shannon ABC. The research groups utilise this event to showcase their technological expertise in the areas of the Industrial Internet of Things; Robotics, automation and improving operational efficiencies; Sensor and wireless communications.

The REAMIT project was illustriously promoted on the day by our partners at IMaR in MTU, who utilised this event as an opportunity for promoting the benefits of REAMIT among the peers from the agribusiness industry and academia. The REAMIT team at IMaR made a booth and stand reserved specifically for promoting the REAMIT and educating the audience about the project’s idea and the goals, the various activities and technological implementations currently being carried out in the project in the North-West Europe region, and the project’s potential economic, environmental and social impacts. The team made use of roll up banners, posters, infographics, presentations and demonstration-videos on projectors and LED screens to showcase the REAMIT project and engaging the audience. The team also distributed project leaflets and infographics among the inquisitive participants.

The project received interests for further exploration and collaboration opportunities from the representatives of many agribusiness industries who significantly appreciated the project and also expressed openness for potential opportunities for support or association in future.